Experience Matters

Victoria joined our Service Design Team in early 2018. She’s a practicing yoga teacher, and an advocate for mindfulness and looking after your mental health. She’s people-focused and fascinated by the things that people find it most difficult to talk about.  

“I chose a career in Service Design because, at its core, it is all about people. As a discipline, there is ample opportunity to work on big, impactful projects that make a difference to the way people live their lives. Part of being a Service Designer is about asking difficult questions and getting deep into those spaces that people avoid communicating about.

I like to talk about things that make people uncomfortable. Exploring those challenges and experiences that fall outside the ‘norm’ (if there is one) helps us grow as people and empathise.

Before becoming a Service Designer, I worked in sexual health. I spoke with a lot of people finding out about - and learning to live with - highly stigmatised conditions that transform lives. It was an incredibly humbling and eye-opening period of my life, which taught me a lot about some of the extremes of human experience, and the impact of policy and public health campaigns. It inspired me to spend time studying International Health, the constructions of HIV and AIDS, and how social movements have changed how we view health crises by constantly making and remaking meaning in our worlds.

I love to learn, especially from others. EY-Seren has a great culture of learning, both formally and informally. Every day I sit next to someone and learn at least one thing. Some days it’s one thing an hour! The people here are keen to pass on their knowledge, to constantly improve what we do and how we do it, and they’re not afraid of a challenge.”

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