Experience Matters

John is Practice Director for our Research & Insights Team. He’s been with EY-Seren since 2010.

“Looking back, my career in Human Centred Design really started when, as a Captain in the US Air Force, I was flying fighter jets in combat. You experience and understand the application of Human Factors with a clarity and intensity like no other.

I was stationed in the UK for a portion of my service, but I moved back to Seattle in the 1990s and joined the Environmental Protection Agency. I was part of a national team fostering the development of high-value applications and markets for recycled materials. This was around the time that the internet really gained momentum. Working for a government department meant that we were early adopters of new technology, so we built a lot of websites!

I came back to the UK with the opportunity to teach internet foundations and applications, digital multimedia and human-computer interaction at the University of Bedfordshire. It was in the midst of the first dot-com boom that I joined a London web usability agency. I’ve been delivering and leading UX and Design Research for clients ever since.”

So, what motivates John to stay at EY-Seren?

“Crazy smart colleagues who have an insatiable appetite for continuous learning. Plus the diversity of our people, including their backgrounds and experiences. Seeing the world from this variety of perspectives is powerful and invigorating. It keeps pushing me - all of us - to raise our game. This is at the heart of why I love what I do.”

If you'd like to find out more about working for EY-Seren email recruitment@ey-seren.com or see our Careers page for the latest vacancies.

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