Experience Matters

Joel re-joined EY-Seren in January 2018, and has a rich and diverse portfolio of experience.

“I’m a bit of a mongrel. I started my career in TV and Film, where I worked as an Editor for the BBC. I moved into website production in the '90s as a content-focused Information Architect, when websites started to become more prominent and we realised they needed ‘producing’, so-to-speak.

I stumbled across Service Design in 2005 when it was just becoming a ‘thing’. At the time it was really just finding its feet as an emergent discipline – not as structured as it is today. It appealed to me because it’s a real mental exercise to make sense of how everything fits together. I eventually became the Managing Director for Livework Studio – working alongside Ben Reason.

The Service Design process is very creative and intellectually challenging, but it also has tangible business impact. It creates the conditions for profitable behaviour. Throughout my career, my work has shaped my interests. I am now concentrating on behavioural economics – I’m always keen to expand my repertoire.

My role at EY-Seren is a lot about relationship building. I am constantly making new connections, and I spend a lot of time traveling. I came back to EY-Seren because it is the type of environment that gets the best out of me. It’s extremely collaborative, with everyone working between practices and has a strong Esprit de Corps.

If you'd like to find out more about working for EY-Seren, email recruitment@ey-seren.com, or see our Careers page for the latest vacancies.

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