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Setting the standard for UK Government digital solution delivery

The challenge

We were engaged by a newly created government department to deliver a digital-first solution to support the signing of Free Trade Agreements and managing Trade Disputes after our exit from the EU.

Our client asked us to create a solution that would allow both internal and external access, provide document collaboration tools and enhance the efficiency of team that were using it. In addition, we were asked to deliver the product in compliance with strict governance stage gates and information security requirements.

The approach

Starting out, it was clear that research was needed to get under the skin of the internal processes we would need to support with these new products. The team mobilised an agile delivery process to complete ongoing customer research, identify process and technology requirements and manage technical design, development and release.

A key challenge was the need to design a product that allowed a high number of users, both internal and external, while ensuring no-one could access confidential information. We created unusually detailed information architecture maps, which were tested with user groups to validate that everyone had access to the information they needed.

The outcome

Our client received two live products, which passed their governance security stage-gates on first attempt. These were accompanied by high-quality user training, which provided the means to ensure trade disputes arising after our exit from the EU can be quickly addressed, and that capabilities to support the signing of new Free Trade Agreements will continue undisrupted.