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Re-imagining the role of professional membership associations in a digital world

The challenge

This professional association had observed a fundamental shift in the expectations and attitudes of its members. Whereas retiring members of the profession were extremely loyal to the service, new entrants into the industry had very different expectations.

In order to stay relevant, the client needed to re-imagine its value proposition towards a digital future, engaging customers in a different way and offering a much more targeted and relevant customer experience.

The approach

EY Seren assisted in the initial research and development of a customer value proposition, commercial offering and experience for the next generation of entrants into the industry. We then developed and launched an MVP of the proposition with the target audience.

Subsequently, EY Seren agreed an ongoing service to continue to assist with transformation. This includes engagement marketing, as well as the business-wide operation and management of the portfolio and programme. EY Seren’s service design capability means that all new solutions are developed using a customer-focused approach and our analytics resources produce insights into issues and opportunities across the business.

The outcome

The new proposition was launched in the market with unanimously positive customer feedback and the initial pilot release of the renewal journey achieved double the conversion rate of bundled premium services.

The use of behavioural data allowed this association to segment their customers and engage with them in a more personalised way to drive member engagement and loyalty into the future. An enhanced portfolio management programme ensures that change is focused on the right priorities to deliver business outcomes.