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Using new business models to help vulnerable members of our society

The challenge

The public sector is faced with unprecedented budget cuts alongside a significant demand for social care, compromising the quality of services delivered to communities. Within this context, it is difficult for services to shift focus from resolving immediate crises to building capacity for early intervention.

The use of data and technology are key tools in supporting the early prevention agenda, however, this is complicated by three challenges:

  1. Accessing the increasing volume of citizen data held across disparate systems
  2. Quickly and easily viewing information relevant to an individual or household
  3. Leveraging data and analytics to improve commissioning of services and resources

The approach

EY Seren, in partnership with Xantura, works closely with local authorities and partners to re-imagine service delivery through the implementation of a master data management and predictive modelling platform, powered by AI.

Through this platform and detailed research, we provide deep insights into demand trends and the needs, behaviours and desired futures of both service users and providers.

Alongside service teams, we co-develop the future target experience and implementation plan, and provide support to navigate the Information Governance landscape. This enables us to fully embed the platform and ensures that teams can continue to provide targeted, sustainable support for the communities they serve.

The outcome

This programme has a significant impact on outcomes for local authorities and their citizens. For example, we helped one London borough to identify 1,700 new families who were eligible for additional support before reaching crisis point.

This allowed the local council to intervene early, at less cost, and ultimately improve outcomes for a large number of children and adults. Through our data-driven service transformation approach, we can positively impact multi-agency working, drive informed decision-making, increase capacity of frontline professionals, and provide insights into key risk factors and service user characteristics to continuously improve service design and resource commissioning.

Watch the video below to learn more about how we use data and predictive analytics to improve outcomes for vulnerable citizens: