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Using a digital customer experience approach to grow a large media business

The challenge

Faced by slowing revenues and new, technology-based entrants, an events and publishing company devised a Growth Acceleration Programme (GAP), which focused on building the capabilities and platforms needed for growth, future scale and consistent performance.

In particular, they sought to transform customer engagement in their Knowledge and Networking division, which is responsible for hundreds of high-profile conferences and events every year.

The approach

As prime partners, EY embedded a team at the client’s London HQ and managed outside agencies delivering branding and technology elements.

EY worked closely with the organisation’s Knowledge and Networking division to fundamentally change their relationship with their customers and deliver new digital products and services to market.

This involved enhancing the use of digital channels and customers’ online experience, increasing the company’s responsiveness to customer needs, reducing their reliance on single event marketing and building communities around events to open up new monetisation streams.

The outcome

Within nine months of go-live, real-time digital ticket sales had grown to £0.5m a week, with conversion rate more than trebled.

The new platform and fully digitised marketing approach made it possible to develop new revenue streams such as video on demand/streaming of conferences and events. Customer understanding and engagement has dramatically improved as this new marketing programme developed longer, more beneficial customer relationships and effective networking opportunities and has helped the organisation to create value and drive long-term growth.