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Creating a banking customer experience that re-invents itself

The challenge

Over the last ten years, we’ve all come to expect the smooth, convenient customer experiences offered by the giants of the internet age, forcing many industries to re-think the role customer experience plays in their business.

The banking industry has seen unprecedented change, with challenger banks tearing-up the rulebook for personal and business banking. Since 2016, we have worked alongside our client to completely re-think and re-design the bank’s entire approach to customer experience through a series of research, design and business transformation projects.

The approach

In order to bring a consistent approach our team defined a set of operating principles for customer experience design throughout the bank, along with a consistent delivery methodology, ways of working, tools and templates.

Having defined the core principles and methodologies, we ran a series of initial projects to re-design key customer journeys and train staff to create capability for our client’s staff to do the same. Having refined and tested the principles and methodologies through on-the-ground projects, our focus gradually shifted towards building a Centre of Excellence for customer experience within the bank.

The outcome

We continue to work with this client on a wide range of tactical customer experience projects, but our legacy are the underlying principles, methodologies and capability we have helped implement and grow within the bank.

The Customer Experience Centre of Excellence is ’the capability that creates capability’, where staff gain skills in Customer Experience Design, which allow them to develop and evolve the bank’s approach to delivering the best possible services for its customers.