Our People


People designing for people

We attract people who are passionate about re-imagining the world through meaningful human experiences. Our work involves deep research into the lived experience of customers, members or citizens, so we tend to attract people who are curious about how others see the world.


A global team

We’re part of the EY global network of offices and our multi-disciplinary teams often have the chance to work around the world, including recent projects in Brussels, New York, Norway and Australia.


Part of the community

Our people travel the world, delivering talks and attending industry events. We talk about what we do and find out what others are doing. This includes hosting several regular events.


Festival season

We host a series of festivals where the team meet to deliver talks, workshops and events based around a central theme. Examples include our Festival of Colour, Festival of Making and Festival of the Mind.


We get in the spirit

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Pride or Diwali, we like to get in the spirit of the moment by decorating the office and eating a few seasonal treats.


Snappy dressers

It can be embarrassing to find that you’re wearing the same outfit as your colleague, but not at EY Seren. We celebrate these moments of sartorial serendipity with an ongoing gallery of photos.


“There is a real community feel to the office and our work approach, and it’s a fun place to be.”

- Tyrone, Product designer