Our aim is to put customer insight at the heart of the regulatory agenda, to improve both the economic position of our clients and their customers.

What is the Open Banking Innovation Centre?

Changes in data regulations mean that banks are now required to more openly share their customers data. This presents an opportunity for profitable engagement with customers, through relevant, user-focused innovation.

Our Innovation Centre is a space where we work together with our clients and their customers to take advantage of the innovation opportunities presented by Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) Open Banking implementation.

Our aim is to put customer insight at the heart of the regulatory agenda, to improve both the economic position of our clients and their customers.

Co-create innovative solutions based on real customer insight

We supply end-to-end, customer insight-driven, transformation services; including business, operational and technology change.

EY-Seren’s Agile Service Design Innovation Methodology mobilises customer insight, and provides a robust framework for the creation of services that are relevant to the financial lives of consumers in any market. We bring together our innovation services with EY’s wider set of capabilities, covering strategy, risk, legal, conduct, operations, technology and data to give confidence that solutions are compliant and achievable.

Value for clients and their customers

Research shows that people would like to make better financial choices, with less confusion and clear direction, but that many are not well-equipped to do so on their own.

With better access to customer data, real-time analytics and new digital platforms, our clients have the opportunity to offer highly-personalised services and innovative new customer experiences.

New regulations enable new digital products that better educate consumers, creating a relationship that is more than transactional with their financial lives, and exceptional experiences.

Why our Open Banking Innovation Centre?

  • We have been at the forefront of shaping the Open Banking agenda from the outset, working closely with UK-based and international banks, FinTechs and regulators.

  • We served on the original Open Banking Working Group (OBWG), delivering initial policy- framing recommendations, and continue to support the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE).

  • EY-Seren has conducted research with hundreds-of-thousands of consumers in the UK to fully understand what they need to lead better financial lives.

  • 1. Strategy & innovation

    • Open Banking Strategy (customer, business models and propositions)
    • Customer experience design and service definition
    • Innovation Scans & FinTech Lifecycle Support
    • M&A and Venture Capital
  • 2. Compliance and legal

    • Regulatory interpretation and rules traceability (including CMA, PSD2 and GDPR interlock)
    • Conduct programme design
    • Compliance health check
    • Legal advisory services (regulation or commercial)
  • 3. Technology and data

    • Data analytics and customer insight
    • Data quality and management
    • API strategy and frameworking
    • Solution definition
  • 4. Security and fraud

    • Security and fraud risk framework
    • Cyber risk analysis
  • 5. End-to-end delivery

    • Project management
    • Business readiness
    • Target operating model
    • Customer engagement and comms

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