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Caring Better

In the latest edition of Human Signals, we focus on the highly topical subject of caring for the elderly.

Peter Neufeld, +10 • 3 minute read

Creating impactful learning using behavioural science

How can we embed behavioural science principles in corporate learning the same way social media platforms do, and what is behavioural science?

Michelle Yan • 5 minute read

How Natural Language Processing can augment voice of customer research

NLP can help analyze text data in voice of customer research, but human researchers are still needed to make sense of the data and ensure accuracy.

Sabrina Zhong • 7 minute read

On the road to e-mobility

The transition to e-mobility is all about systems. Understanding the wider energy and human context in the deployment of EVs is crucial to avoid…

Giulia Teso, +2 • 7 minute read

Consumer Duty: A customer-led approach to tackling a transformational opportunity

Our thinking on Consumer Duty, what it means for organisations across the financial services industry and how they might go about the challenge in a…

Ryan Naranjo, +1 • 2 minute read

How can we better engage with Next Gen Investors?

A huge intergenerational transfer of wealth is currently underway - how can we connect with this new generation of investors?

Theresa Clifford • 6 minute read

Accelerating value: transforming transformation

We’re working to reduce the gap between the complex, rapidly changing problem spaces clients live and breathe and the FinTech specialists who seek to…

Neil Waring, +1 • 6 minute read

EY Seren’s outlook on General Insurance for 2022

The new battleground for the General Insurance market is evolving quickly. It is no longer enough to outperform competitors with low rates.

Theresa Clifford • 6 minute read

Bridging the Financial Vulnerability Gap

In the latest edition of Human Signals, we focus on the highly topical subject of the human experience of financial vulnerability.

Will Shaw, +5 • 5 minute read

Competitive advantage in the age of AI implementation: the new frontier of digital transformation

Given the Darwinian nature of business competition, what could the opportunity cost of losing first-mover advantage in AI be?

Tom Carr • 17 minute read

The Circular Economy is coming

“In nature, nothing is wasted. Everything is food for something else”

Francesco Cagnola • 7 minute read

Tackling misinformation with research and insight

In the “post-truth” era, distinguishing between “fact” and “fiction” has never been more challenging.

Jonny Revell • 8 minute read

Promoting sustainable behaviours

Businesses are increasingly expected to lead in driving the sustainability agenda rather than relying on their customers

Sergei Isakov, +4 • 2 minute read

Listening with our eyes and ears (remotely)

Many of us still experience a sense of discomfort or unease when communicating online - remote user testing is still an effective way to gain…

Gina Lee • 6 minute read

The local UK high street in times of COVID-19

We tell the stories of how the local high street businesses we all know are navigating through this extraordinary crisis.

Peter Neufeld, +4 • 1 minute read

Designing universal products and services

Most products and services are designed with men in mind. Adopting universal and inclusive design ensures that we do not design solely for men or…

Theresa Clifford • 6 minute read

Re-imagining the new joiner’s onboarding experience

Your onboarding process should celebrate that a new, incredibly talented person is joining your family

Karen Rozenbaum • 14 minute read

Developing service channels for a changing future

Real, human connection with varied audiences can only be truly nurtured through an omnichannel strategy.

Desmond Kiernan • 5 minute read

The value of designing for the future customer

Designing for the future isn’t about guesswork. With the right principles and approaches we can use foresight to build a better working world.

Giles Powdrill • 4 minute read

SMEs: Opportunity in an overlooked, under-serviced economic sector?

Why is there an ongoing struggle for service providers and organisations to meet the demands and needs of the SME sector?

Charles Dorey • 10 minute read

How can we design smarter long-term savings propositions for women?

More needs to be done to help women save for the future. By focusing on women’s needs, the financial journey into retirement can be improved for…

Theresa Clifford • 7 minute read

Loyalty is complicated

What is loyalty? And does it matter? And if it does, how do you get it? Loyalty is complicated.

Jane Thomas • 5 minute read

What's really in your wallet?

Existing financial services providers overlook the fact that managing our finances is never just about bank notes and interest rates. It’s about…

Victoria O'Callaghan • 7 minute read

How human behaviour is changing during COVID-19

We gathered insights to create our fortnightly briefing on how COVID-19 is changing human behaviour

Joel Bailey, +4 • 2 minute read

Managing cognitive overload during COVID-19

The experience of COVID-19 has undeniably tipped us all over into cognitive overload.

Shagun Seth • 4 minute read

When design fails: Not forgetting business viability in search of customer desirability

Service Design is an immensely powerful approach to improving how organisations deliver to their customers and stakeholders.

Sergei Isakov, +1 • 4 minute read

The shifting landscape of employee experience

The richest man in the world realised that providing a good experience wasn’t a cosmetic job.

Joel Bailey • 3 minute read

The business value of NPS

Research shows that NPS has the highest correlation with future profits and growth vs. other customer experience metrics.

Jane Thomas • 3 minute read

Simplicity: It's a state of mind

Here’s how using a simplicity mindset can mitigate complexity and ensure maximum impact in our final deliverables.

Richard Thompson • 7 minute read

Beyond accessibility: Designing for vulnerability

It is fundamental for designers to recognise that designing for vulnerable people doesn’t mean exclusively designing for the disabled.

Oliver Shreeve • 5 minute read