Experience Matters

Richard is one of our Principal UX Designers. He joined EY-Seren in 2011, having started his career in UX Design in the 1990s. He’s seen the industry change and evolve, being lucky enough to have modelled his career at the forefront of our Digital Age.

“I have a degree in Fine Art but knew that I was never going to become an artist. Computers and the internet were still new then, and I got swept up in the changes. I enrolled in a Master's in Interactive Media, which introduced me to the early world of screen-based design and coding. I remember one of my colleagues showing a feature on his new webpage, which was essentially an animated GIF, and we were all in awe when it popped up on the screen. Things were very basic back then!

Continual learning and progression are key for me in my career, it speaks to the part of me that enjoys pushing beyond boundaries. As my industry is very fast moving there are always new developments for me to get my head around. Some, like social media, take off. Others don’t. The change and variety keep me motivated. To think I began designing for CD ROM, then Web, then Web 2.0, and now apps! The shift in design approach has changed just as much too, from designing things to look pretty and engaging, to designing for function and creating the ultimate user experience.

I’ve been at EY-Seren a fair time now and have seen how we've changed over time too. One of the main reasons I stay here is because of our customer-centred roots, which have remained steadfast, and because I get to work on rich projects that engage my creativity. As an organisation, we embrace change and self-improvement to stay ahead of the curve. The combination of our learning and development scheme and project variety ensures that I am constantly challenged."

If you'd like to find out more about working for EY-Seren, email recruitment@ey-seren.com, or see our Careers page for the latest vacancies.

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