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Sabrina Zhong

Design Research Consultant


A curious researcher. Uses research to understand what people say and not say to support better design.

Sabrina is a user experience researcher with expertise in technology, AI, and linguistics. She has been using various qualitative and quantitative research approaches to better understand customers and their needs and to improve their experiences. She has research experiences globally in different countries. Prior to her work at EY Seren, Sabrina worked in developing and improving natural language processing systems. She received a MSc in Human-Computer Interaction with Distinction from University College London and a M.S. in Linguistics from Georgetown University in the U.S.A.

Articles by Sabrina

How Natural Language Processing can augment voice of customer research

NLP can help analyze text data in voice of customer research, but human researchers are still needed to make sense of the data and ensure accuracy.

Sabrina Zhong • 7 minute read