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Michelle Yan


A creative yet rigorous behavioural scientist. Always curious about discovering hidden biases and design nudges to make the design truly human-centred.

Michelle is a behavioural scientist and a copywriter with expertise in behavioural design, bias identification, nudge design and implementation and storytelling narrative copywriting. She has focused on using her Behavioural Science expertise to develop behaviour-driven Service Design client offerings incl. conducting behavioural audit, creating behavioural framework and co-designed persona, customer journey and experience map.

Before joining EY, Michelle has worked mainly in the field of Behavioural Economics on improving nation’s financial wellbeing through understanding Big Five personality traits, as well as understanding the role biases such as Loss aversion and Overconfidence played in high-stake, fast financial decisions. She received a MSc in Behavioural Science from London School of Economics and a BSc in Applied Psychology from Durham university.

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