Why Experience Matters

Published by Jon Stephens

Today, you would do well to avoid reading an article about the importance of customer experience in achieving almost all desirable business outcomes: acquiring more customers, retaining existing customers, making them spend more or reducing complaints and associated costs.

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Innovation in banking: focus on the customer

Published by EY-Seren

Customer behaviours and expectations are changing at an ever increasing pace. This is driven by technology ubiquity and habits set by internet companies that have largely come to life over the last decade and a half. As a result, the gap between what customers expect from banks and what banks can deliver is wider than ever, states the newest British Banking Association, Seren and EY report The Way We Bank Now.

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To app, or not to app?

Published by Ben Rubin

You only need to look at the rise of mobile banking to understand how a well executed app strategy can have a transformational impact on customer behaviour and the way that businesses are structured. A poor app strategy, however, can lead to an expensive mess that confuses customers and delivers little value to your business.

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