Customer Insight_

Thoughts, opinions, updates and half-truths from the people that make our company great.

Customer Insight_

We use advanced research and measurement techniques to help our clients gain a deep understanding of their customers.

EY-Seren is a market leader in customer insight and has carried out over 20,000 individual customer research sessions over the past 10 years.

Our ethnographic research team are experts in exploring consumers’ latent needs and identifying opportunities for clients to innovate and develop new revenue streams.

Our user experience research team have unparalleled experience in assessing how customers interact with digital touchpoints, both in our Labs and out in the real world.

And our data analysts can synthesise multiple streams of customer data, identifying the key drivers of customer behaviour and their impact on the bottom line.


Customer Insight Offering

Research Reanalysis

Most companies will have spent a huge amount of money on customer research, much of which will lie in disparate parts of an organisation with no clear plan in place for how it should be analysed. Our structured approach to reanalysis will extract the value from your existing investments and uncover new insights that will not have been found before.

Ethnographic Research

Our ethnographic research capabilities range from small-scale online diary studies to major international, multi-market deep-dive interview programmes.

Voice of Customer (VoC)

Whether you use C-Sat, NPS, Customer Effort or another form of online research methodology, our VoC team has the right tools to help you listen to customers and take the pulse of your brand.

1-to-1 UX Testing

Our pioneering approach to user experience testing allows us to identify problems with existing experiences or launch new ones problem-free.