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Sometimes I’m pretty spontaneous and buy stuff straight away after a single website visit (a single customer journey). Sometimes I prevaricate, make selections online, change my mind and leave, come back, add to basket, get distracted, check out another website, check my bank account, leave the website, a week later return and then finally buy something completely different from the high street store of the original company I was visiting the website of (a customer odyssey across both managed and unmanaged touch-points).

At the heart of measuring the multi-channel customer experience is our desire to shape that experience, not just when a customer interacts with us, but also between those touch-points.

Just because someone has seen or interacted with us doesn’t mean that it they have been influenced. And even if they have, what did the influencing? Or, more importantly when considering a customer’s multi-channel odyssey, what is remembered? There is no point influencing someone if they neither act immediately, nor remember for later, that influence. (Indeed this could be the definition of uninfluential.)

The science of psychology understands two different types of memory.

  • Episodic Memory. The memory for ephemeral details, the individual features or the unique particulars of an experience.
  • Semantic Memory. The memory of meaning. Memory that preserves only the gist, the general significance of remembered experiences.

Both of these memory types can be vital in shaping a multi-channel customer experience, which leaves the question, ‘what can we do to help our customers with their semantic and episodic memories?’

One of the most effective techniques is the use of the Peak-End Rule.

This Behavioural Economics theory states that people are most likely to remember the best/worst part of an experience and the end of it. So ensuring that experiences have one exceptional moment and finish on a high could be the best way to ensure our customers remember us over our competition.

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